Dining Tables

The Modern V

The king of industrial style, “The Modern V” embraces modern design with a rustic finish. Each leg consists of three angles giving a new look from all directions. The frame is welded from 3/16” recycled steel and is crowned with #1 grade reclaimed Heart Pine to give it the rustic touch.

42″W x 84″L x 29″H $ 1,965.00
42″W x 96″L x 29″H $ 2,365.00
48″W x 108″L x 29″H $ 2,965.00

The Pointer

Sophisticated and elegant, “The Pointer” reflects industrial boldness with a touch of chic. The frame is made of 3/16” recycled steel, supported by a crafted tapered leg flowing to a center point as it meets the earth.   Dressed with a reclaimed Heart Pine top which completes its fashionable frame.

36″W x 72″L x 29″H $ 1,225.00
42″W x 84″L x 29″H $ 1,625.00

Bar One

This simple styled leg curves to the ground creating a continuous flow. Created from a single piece of steel bar, this leg can be welded to a custom frame or bolted directly to your custom wood top.

36″W x 72″L x 29″H $ 1,045.00
42″W x 84″L x 29″H $ 1,445.00

Life Squared

Symmetrically sound, our “Life Squared” design gives a contemporary compliment to any space. Made from square tubing, this design is offered in dining and bar table, coffee table and side table sizes. It’s completed with a framed reclaimed wood top planed to a sleek finish.

36″W x 72″L x 29″H $ 1,045.00
42″W x 84″L x 29″H $ 1,445.00

Column Table

This chic design provides a countryside feel completed with a refined touch. Each table is custom built and designed using only reclaimed columns as the legs and the finest reclaimed Heart Pine as the surface. This table is individually crafted to fit your space!

36″W x 72″L x 29″H $ 2,395.00
42″W x 84″L x 29″H $ 2,695.00
42″W x 96″L x 29″H $ 2,945.00
48″W x 108″L x 29″H $ 3,545.00

*Custom Sizes are available in all tables

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